KTL Adventures is one of the pioneers of adventure travel services, outdoor education(school trip, educational travel), and outdoor event management services in China. In serving a global market (but with a special focus on China), we adhere to the highest international standards of safety and professionalism in our provision of outdoor services.


KTL Adventures is one of the pioneers of outdoor education in China. We also have world-class instructors from NOLS (American National Outdoor Leadership School) in our programs to focus on the leadership education throughout different adventures. Due to extensive experience and deep relationships within the industry, we are proud to offer programs in more than a dozen domestic provinces, as well as in a handful of countries in greater Asia and the rest of the world. Compared to other providers of outdoor education in China, we offer the broadest array of activities and the greatest variety in programming. Our clients include public schools, international schools, companies, and private groups.


KTL’s goal is to complement the traditional classroom style of teaching with real outdoor adventure experience. All of our programs focus on encouraging students to grow through cooperation, teamwork and positive leadership. Our customized programs, for all ages, inspire confidence in students to embrace challenge and risk in the outdoor environment, within a safe and supportive atmosphere.


Our programs cater to a wide variety of schools and ages. We design each program to meet the needs of each school creating customized programs to enhance students’ experience. No matter what type of group, KTL Adventures can create a suitable program. With our guidance, you will choose the activities that most interest you and we will design an experience around those activities that meets your goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.


We strive to make sure that every program consists of at least five or six different outdoor adventure sports. Some programs have as many as 12 different sports. By introducing such a wide array of activities, we hope that at least one will become a lifelong pursuit. Experience is not always necessary, but a sense of enthusiasm is vital.

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