Fu Jian

Fu Jian

Fujian is located in the southeast of China. Due to favorable geographic conditions, Fujian was one of the outside world’s earliest windows into China and an early base of foreign relations. Our Fujian programs blend historical experience with beautiful natural scenery. Stretching from mountains in the inland that are home to thousands of Oolong tea plantations, to a vast expanse of old-growth forest area along the coast, Fujian is an excellent location for enjoying the outdoors.

Witness the other-worldly Wuyi mountains, complete a sacred pilgrimage to Mazu, marvel at the UNESCO crimson sandstone formations, tour the unique Hakka earth dwellings, swim in the mysterious “white-water,” and climb a magnificent coastal volcano…are only a handful of the outdoor activities that you can hope to participate in.

With 3,000+ meters of coastline, the waters of Fujian are the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition to the famous Gulang coral reefs off the coast of Xiamen, there are vast networks of sea caves, ancient underwater temples, and more. Under the guidance of KTL Adventures, you, too, can enjoy such treasures.


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