Guang Xi

Guang Xi

Guangxi is best known for the awe-inspiring beauty of its vast karst landscape. A common adage holds that Guilin/Yangshuo – the crown jewel of Guangxi – is home to the “most beautiful mountains and rivers under heaven.” In more recent times, this area has also become a mecca for rock climbing and the outdoors.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. KTL Adventures’ Guangxi programs begin with a boat ride down the most famous stretch of the Li River, where participants can enjoy the beautiful karst scenery that served as the inspiration for China’s 20-Yuan Note. This region is also home to the “Dragon’s Backbone” rice terraces, underground cave systems, and spectacular mountain biking routes. Clients will also experience the cultural melting pot that has been formed by the interaction between the Zhuang, Hmong, Yao, Dong, and other ethnic minority groups.

In the west of Guangxi, we will visit the world’s largest collection of karts sinkholes, in Baise. This natural setting will serve as a backdrop for us as we delve deep into nature, and experience the purity of outdoor travel.


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