Gui Zhou

Guizhou is one of the main gateways to western China, and contains the beginning of a 1000KM long plateau that stretches all the way to the border with Tibet. It is said that in Guizhou, “There are 8 mountains for every stream and rice paddy,” and it should come as no surprise that Guizhou is very-well suited to outdoor activities.

Guizhou is also known as an enchanting “Natural Park.” The landscape is both magical and picturesque, with its broad networks of caves, rich wildlife, large expanses of forest, and legions of mountains and lakes. KTL Adventures makes full use of these resources, guiding clients to the Huangguoshu waterfall (the largest in China), the Dragon Palace, the 300m rock faces of Getuhe, Maling Gorge, and other carefully selected locations.

We also invite participants to visit the site of the historic Zunyi conference and Siduchishui, which are representative of the long march and Red Army culture. In short, with its storied history and multi-ethnic culture, its cold winters and hot summers, Guizhou is the perfect place for an unforgettable journey.


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