Hai Nan

In the vast South China Sea, there is floating tropical paradise. Hainan Island sits under a vast open sky, with clear azure waters, flatsandy beaches, shady palm trees, and more than 1500 km of spectacular coastline. At similar latitude to Hawaii, USA, Hainan boasts a pleasant climate all year round. In addition, its tropical rain forest and mangrove forests are home to a multitude of mineral, animal and botanical treasures.

KTL Adventures will take you to experience the beautiful tropical environment of Hainan. Under our guidance, you will diveinto the blue sea, explore the beautiful underwater world, and gain a firsthand understanding of marine ecosystems that would otherwise be impossible.

Hainan is home to many ethnic minority groups, including the Li, Hmong, Zhuang, Hui and a few dozen others, many of which have retained traditional customs and a simple way of life. This diversity of cultures has given Hainan a vibrancy that is completely unique in China.


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