Hei Long Jiang

Hei Long Jiang

This province serves as one of our northern bases, and is particularly popular as a winter getaway. There are a number of cold-weather sports that can be experienced here, such as ice skating, skiing, snow-boarding, sledding, and ice sailing. In other seasons, you can enjoy the Xiaoxing’an Mountains, the seemingly endless undulations of the Songnen Plain,the magnificent Heilong, Ussuri, and Songhua Rivers, and the beautiful lakes and lush natural pastures of Wudalianchi.

This province is home to Manchu, Hezhen, Oroqen, Ewenki, and other ethnic minority groups, which long ago decided to make their homes in this magnificent gift from Mother Nature. If you allow KTL Adventures to guide you to this northern frontier, we promise you that you will experience the primitive, rough, and magical qualities that make Heilongjiang such a special place.


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