High-Ropes Challenge Courses

High-Ropes Challenge Courses

High-ropes challenge courses can be natural or artificial, and involve navigating a series of obstacles, at a certain distance above the ground.These obstacles can range from via ferrata (a metal rock ladder that must be climbed) to a zipline (a steel cable that connects two platforms) to abseilsandtrapeze stations, and more. All participants are fitted with harnesses, connected to ropes, and are belayed continuously by our certified guides. It is not a race; the goal is merely to do your utmost to complete the challenge! Along the way, you will overcome your fears and learn important skills that are applicable to a broad range of outdoor activities.

In addition to our proprietary site (complete with zipline, via ferrata, and abseil) KTL Adventures has access to high-ropes courses around the world. This enables us to seamlessly integrate high-ropes activities into most of our regional programs, maximizing convenience for participants.


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