Malaysia is but one of our program locations in Southeast Asia. It is a tropical country, covering a total land area of 329,000 square meters, with an incredible 4,192kmof national coastline.

KTL Adventures guides clients to the old-growth forest of Malaysia, which is filled with rare birds and animals that are sadly on the brink of extinction, such as flying lemurs, great apes, gibbons, white rhino sand orangutans.

Malaysia is also known for its lovely beaches and pristine waters. Here you will experience snorkeling and scuba diving, as we guide you into an underwater world, exploring mysterious marine ecosystems and the exotic creatures that inhabit them.

The Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur will be our first and last stop on our trip. It is a city that has garnered international attention in the last decade, for its melting pot of cultures, and its mix of modern and traditional elements. Here, we will visit the Petronas Towers, as well as many other interesting old buildings and points of interest.


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