Mountaineering describes the process of climbing a mountain, where the goal is simply to reach the top. Just like rock climbing, mountaineering can be divided into many different branches and specializations, based on the environment and degree of difficulty. Some mountains can be summited without any technical ability, and merely involve walking uphill. Mountains with vertical rock faces require rock climbing skills, while snow-capped mountains require special cold-weather and water-proof gear, as well as a specific knowledge of the risk factors unique to snow and ice. Mountain climbing is always difficult, and requires physical fitness and mental stamina. Due to uncontrollable climate and environmental factors, mountaineering always carries a certain degree of danger.

When selecting peaks for mountaineering programs, KTL Adventures has carefully weighed considerations of safety, risk, and difficulty. You can expect mountaineering guides that are experienced,highly-skilled professionals with an infectious enthusiasm for climbing. We selectguides based on their advanced training, climbing experience, technical proficiency and patient teaching style. Each has a passion for the mountains that makes it easy to form new friendships and create memorable experiences for everyone.


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