There is a small mountain kingdom in the foothills of the Himalayas, which today is known as Nepal. The roof of the world is separated to the north by a mountain range that is 8000 meters high, while the Trisuli river in the south descends into a valley that is only 70m above sea level. This rapid drop in elevation and terrain has created a natural beauty and precious diversity that can only be found in Nepal.

Nepal sits at the crossroads of eastern and western civilization, and is an important nexus of Buddhism and Hinduism. Of course, Nepal is ultimately an alpine country, and will be forever associated with the Himalayas and Mount Everest. The hiking and mountain climbing here is easily among the best in the world.

With KTL Adventures, you will experience both the grandeur of these mountains and the magic of an ancient culture.Our itinerary will also take in Chitwan National Park, which contains a spectacular collection of wild animals and plants, including a rare species of rhino. In short, we guarantee that your trip to Nepal will be an adventure of a lifetime.


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