New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nationlocated inthe southwest Pacific. The capital isWellington, but the largest city isAuckland. There isa healthy supply ofblue skyand verdant plains, and a local culture that is best known for its vitality and friendliness.

KTL Adventures welcomes you to join us as we visit this beautifulcountry, whereold-growth forest can be found almost everywhere, and the coast-line seems to continue forever. When you’re swimming in one of New Zealands many clear bays, don’t be surprised if a dolphin rockets past you!

Our specific New Zealand itineraries typically include visits to the volcanoes and hot springs on the north island, and mountains, glaciers, and lakes on the south island. In the end, you, too, will come to understand why New Zealand is often referred to as paradise on earth for the outdoors


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