Si Chuan

Sichuan province is home to many other incredible locales: Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong with their colorful pools, the HolyMount Emei, the 7,000 meter Gongga Mountain, Leshan Giant Buddha, and so on.

Many of these locations serve as satellite bases for our outdoor education programs. Their combination of natural beauty and accessibility to visitors make them the perfect setting for experiencing the thrill of the great outdoors. A broad range of natural environments and climates has given rise to a large number of rare plant and animal species. The most famous of which is surely the Giant Panda, and 85% of the global population resides in Sichuan province. Participants on KTL Adventures Sichuan programs will have the opportunity to come face to face with these friendly creatures.

At the same time, KTL Adventures will take you to experience the unique culture of Sichuan. With a rich cultural heritage that dates to the dawn of Chinese civilization, Sichuan is one of the most famous places in China to enjoy traditional Chinese performance art. Sichuan boasts its own genre of Chinese opera, and is also known for “face changing,” and fire spitting, which are both compelling and mysterious.


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