Sky Diving

Sky Diving

Sky Diving (also known as parachuting) involves exiting an aircraft flying high above the ground and returning to earth with the aid of a parachute. After a few minutes of adrenaline-pumping free fall, the parachute is deployed, and the sky diver coasts gently to the ground. Contrary to common perceptions, sky diving is extraordinarily safe, and injuries are very rare. Without exception, sky divers always carry a reserve parachute, which must be packed and inspected by a certified rigger.

KTL Adventures partners only with the most reputable sky diving operators, which are selected firmly on the basis of impeccable safety records and adherence to a strict safety code. All participants on our sky diving programs are strapped into a tandem parachuting system with a certified instructor. With KTL Adventures, you will experience the rush of flying through the air, the beauty of floating through the clouds, and the freedom of being high above the earth.


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