The primary destination for our customers in Southeast Asia is the beautiful gem of Thailand. The ancient name of Thailand was Siam, which literally means “free country.” Thailand has more historic sites than any other Southeast Asian countries, where ancient capitals and ornate temples stand undisturbed amidst the forest. Along the coast and further out to sea are some of the world’s most famous beaches. Participants will also have a chance to visit Bangkok, a city of great charm and energy, strong cultural traditions, and where the buzz of the markets provides a constant soundtrack for life.

Thailand has along history as a Buddhist country, and is known as the “White Elephant Kingdom.” There are magnificent temples everywhere, filled with exquisite statues, stone carvings, and paintings.

If time permits, we will visit Chiang Mai, the rose of northern Thailand, which is surrounded by mountains and features a pleasant climate most of the year. Let’s not forget the “Oriental Hawaii” of Pattaya, the Thai pearl of Phuket, the “coconut island” of Koh Samui, and so on.


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