Xin Jiang

China’s northwest is home to what some historians believe is the true cradle of Chinese civilization, in the province now known as Xinjiang. Here, you will experience the most brilliant music and dancing, sample exotic nuts and fruit, and learn to appreciate a culture that is virtually distinct from the rest of China.

In Xinjiang, one can descend from the 8600 meter peak of the world’s second highest mountain, down to low-lying depressions at 154 below sea level. In this vast region, you will see glacial snow mountains, the Gobi desert, and everything in between. There is Mount Tian, and the Altai and Kunlun ranges, home to a large number of glaciers, waterfalls, and unique flora and fauna. There arerivers that wend and wind thousands of kilometers, a boundless expanse of blue grasslands, and the magic and mystery of the desert.

For our Xinjiang programs, KTL Adventures has selected a handful of locales that combine beautiful landscapes with rich culture. This living museum is home to a dozen different ethnic groups, with unique cultural and historical backgrounds, religious beliefs, each of which resides in its own quiet corner of the province, cut off in many ways from the others. The blending of these rich cultures and special natural landscapes has given rise to a novelty and richness that can only be found in Xinjiang…


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